How do I purchase the Nept Tokens?

You can purchase Nept token from the Nept Crowdsale Dashboard nept.metanept.io. Next, select the cryptocurrency you desire to use to purchase the tokens. Please read the Token Buying Guide in the dashboard.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to purchase the token?

You can purchase the Nept token using ETH (ERC-20), BTC, USDT(ERC -20), and BNB.

When do I get my Nept tokens?

Your NEPT tokens will be transferred to your wallet at the end of the Pre-sale.

What kind of Wallet do I need to store my Nept Tokens?

You can use any Ethereum wallet that supports customized ERC20 compliant tokens. To accept customized tokens, upload the token contract address, token symbol, and token decimal. Please see the dashboard and our discord channel for further details.

What are the minimum and maximum amount of Nept tokens that I can purchase?

The minimum amount you can purchase is USD$ 100.00 equivalent Nept tokens and the maximum is USD $ 1,000,000.00 equivalent Nept tokens. Please refer to the Buyer Guide in the dashboard.

How do I get whitelisted for the Nept Presale?

Join our Discord channel to learn more on how to get whitelisted.

What are the utilities & benefits of purchasing Nept Tokens?

Purchasing Nept tokens entitles you to a chance to get a 50% discount on the mint price of Nept NFT from the first collection. Please note that this discount is valid only for eligible users on the first day of the presale. Also by buying Nept you become part of the NEPT virtual community

What are the different engagements for users purchasing the Nept Token?

In order to keep users engaged during the presale, Nept has organized a Live streaming concert featuring international artists and a Wheel of Fortune game for users to try their luck. In addition to this, all users will be rewarded with a referral bonus for every successful referral.

How do I participate in the Wheels of Fortune (WOF) game?

The Wheel of Fortune game can be accessed from the Nept crowd sale dashboard nept.metanept.io under the Rewards tab. Users who make a minimum purchase of $100 USD equivalent NEPT at presale, will be eligible to play the WOF Game and can win exciting prizes. Please read the terms and conditions document.

How do I earn a referral bonus?

Any users that will buy 100 USD equivalent NEPT at presale (a minimum buy condition at pre-sale) will be eligible for a referral program, they would be able to invite other users and would be eligible to receive 10% of proceeds invited users' purchases in respective purchasing cryptocurrencies.

How do I participate in the Nept Musical Live stream?

Nept will be organizing a live streaming concert featuring international artists that will be open to all users who have purchased Nept tokens from the Nept Crowdsale dashboard. Additional details will be posted shortly.